DDDrops Essence of Chicken



What amino acid essential to human body is contained?

Essential amino based acids, which refers to the presence of food only, can't be synthesized in an animal body. It can only be ingested from food; these amino acids are called essential amino based acids. The essential aminobased acid essential to the growth and development of children: Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan, Threonine and Histidine.
The drip solution contains 9 types of essential amino based acids.
1. Lysine 268.55 mg/100 g
2. Leucine 250.66 mg/100 g
3. Phenylalanine 167.63 mg/100 g
4. Threonine 175.66 mg/100 g
5. Histidine 126.72 mg/100 g
6. Isoleucine 108.97 mg/100 g
7. Tryptophan 47.20 mg/100 g
8. Methionine 76.28 mg/100 g
9. Valine 156.28 mg/100 g

Why doesDDDrops adopt select 100-days Taiwan-bred red-feather chicken?

Taiwanese wild chicken is rich in protein, collagen and low in fat with the "two high and 1 low" feature. The flesh textured firm, chewy and is low fat with good maturity, it suitable for cooking soup, tonics or stir-fried dishes and etc. At present, Taiwanese wild chicken market is dominated by the red-feather wild chicken and the black-feather wild chicken.

The red-feather wild chicken

The red-feather wild chicken featuring a vigorous, large and bloody red comb,(The crest of a hen is slightly smaller than the rooster’s) The rooster weighs about 5.5-6 TKG (Taiwanese Kilogram), and the hen weighs about 4-5 TKG. The age of the chicken for the market is 14-16 weeks old.

The size and collagen content of the red-feather wild chicken are both higher than that of the black-feather wild chicken. Besides the difference of the species, the key factor is the time of maturity (normal it’s over 100 days). DDDrops offers a breeding environment meeting the requirements of the multiple 6-layer nation-level attentiveness, which is the determined factor to the drops of fresh sweetness and good taste of DDDrops Essence of Chicken.

What is the best way to keep healthy?

Drinking time:

It's suggested to drink one pack daily. An empty stomach has the best absorption effect. Or, drink before 5pm, it's not suitable to drink before bedtime.

How to drink?

1.Heat by cooker
  • Cut the inner bag and pour the essence into a porcelain bowl with a cover
  • Put into a cooker or a microwave for heating
2.Water-insulation heating
  • Soak the pack in the hot water or boiling hot water and heat for 3~5 minutes
  • Then, cut the inner bag and pour for serving

What attention should be paid when drinking?

Patients with gout, hypertension or kidney diseases should consult a physician before drinking.
Infants or children under two years old are not suitable drinking directly because their kidneys are not well developed.
It is recommended that infants and young children over six months old can supply DDDrops in porridge or solid food to add nutrients and flavors.