LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd. uses Muller's Barbet as its corporate identification.
As part of the family of tree doctors, the Muller’s Barbet takes good care of the trees in the forest so that these trees will grow strong and healthy.
LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd. has a mission in the medical healthcare domain, which implicates the performance of a Muller’s Barbet. The company cares about the health of its consumers, and optimizes the quality of life for consumers. Besides, the Muller’s Barbet shares a variety of colors, which implies that the products provided by LIWANLI to its consumers can be bountiful with diversified features. Consumers with different sex, ages, or from different groups can find their product they want that matches their needs in the product line of LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd. Everyone can have a good quality of life and live healthier.

LIWANLI Innovation Co., Ltd. holds fast to its corporate spirit that focuses on innovation, value, services, and quality. It works hard to move forward with you and hopes to build the path of a healthy way of life with high quality standards.

Innovation is the promise we keep at LIWANLI Innovation. We offer you accurate and effective products of excellent quality.
Value is the commitment we made at LIWANLI Innovation to you. We ensure you are in a healthy and comfortable status.
Service is the persistence that keeps us going at LIWANLI Innovation. Sincerity and mission are the reasons of why we care for our original goal.
Quality is what we can ensure you at LIWANLI Innovation to live with peace of mind. Never giving up is our core value for all the promises we keep.

LIWANLI Innovation invites you to join us hand-in-hand for creating your ideal way of healthy life with quality. Let us live healthier for a better quality of life.
A Healthier You.