DDDrops Essence Of Chicken With Beauty Collagen

Life should be with more elasticity starting from the age of 25.
「Essence of Chicken with Beauty Collagen」feel energetic with moisturized elasticity with continuous ingestion on a short term basis.

Stringently selected 100-day old native chickens, no drugs used throughout the entire breeding process.

1. Freshly prepared within 3 golden hours
CAS certified fresh chicken ensuring no refrigeration and freezing
2. Steamed for 10 hours in medium heat via an ancient method
Only the first essence that is brewed is obtained to offer excellent freshness and thickness
3. Industry-leading steam recycling techniques with 0 steam backflow
Perfectly blocking vapor without excessive moisture

PO.OG Peptide collagen from Nitta Gelatin Inc. in Japan is specially added.
Proven by experiments that the small molecules provide better absorption.
Pioneered in obtaining several Japanese, American, and Taiwanese scientific functional patents.
PO.OG collagen peptide The key to youth and nourishment


What is collagen?

Collagen exists extensively in our body; it is a vital protein with the highest content in the human body connective tissue, where the overall collagen taking up about 6% of a human body’s weight. If speaking of the human body as a house structure figuratively, collagen will resemble the role of “reinforcing steel” in the body, providing support and acting as the youth factor that determines the skin’s plumpness.

What causes the loss of collagen?

The human body is capable of synthesizing collagen; however, along with the loss of time, the synthetic speed of collagen will be reduced with accelerated loss; amongst these, the loss of collagen is mainly influenced by age, UV ray exposure, and external environment.

What is the Japanese patented ultra-condensed collagen peptide?

The patented PO.OG collagen peptide is the hydrolyzed small molecule collagen obtained via patented exclusive manufacturing process, which has already been proven to be absorbable by the human body for utilization, and has received several Japanese, American, and Taiwanese patents; therefore it is collagen that can withstand clinical scientific verifications.

Ingesting collagen can offer skin elasticity?

The collagen ingested requires human body transformation to become self-produced collagen, therefore it cannot be transformed in equal amounts; however, when the body has sufficient collagen raw materials, it can then increase the internally produced collagen.

How much collagen must be ingested to have skin like a baby?

Speaking in general, the basic ingestion amount of collagen required is 5,000mg per day to accomplish the effects of restoring youth. DDDrops Essence of Chicken with Beauty Collagen contains 7,000mg of collagen peptide per pack, which is 3 times the amount as compared to products sold on the market, thereby rapidly replenishing and restoring the beauty energy, offering healthy vitality.

Why should I drink Essence of Chicken with Beauty Collagen?

DDDrops Essence of Chicken with Beauty Collagen further upgraded the essence of chicken, perfectly fusing with the Japanese patented PO.OG collagen peptide to extract each drop with sealed deliciousness; the nutrients of small molecules are easier to absorb; a pack per day offers mild nourishment, building radiant complexion from within, as energy and beauty come naturally with the appropriate nourishment.

Who are suitable for Essence of Chicken with Beauty Collagen?

There are not many restrictions towards the ingestion of collagen for people; it is recommended to consult a doctor for those with gout, high blood pressure, maple syrup urine disease, kidney disease, or allergies towards fish products. The absorption effect is the best when taken in the morning on an empty stomach.