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Probiotics Help You Digest and Defecate without Worries

Probiotics life enzyme (8 probiotics + 5 enzymes)

Introduction to the main ingredients and their formula

Helping you digest and defecate

  • 8 available probiotics helps you defecate smoothly
  • Oligosaccharides gives assistance effectively
  • Apple enzyme helps to digest/5 enzymes serve as supplements for digestion

Target Audience

  • Take 1 packet per day as a supplement providing15 billionprobiotics.
  • The formula is designed for lacto vegetarians, helping you to defecate faster and easier.
  • With probiotics to take care of your body: probiotics plus prebiotics can help you defecate easily.
  • The packet is made of lime and pineapple flavor and is easy to carry. It also tastes good.

They go well with LGG probiotics and Lactobacillus plantarum.

Probiotics are the active bacteria that do good for your body. These bacteria not only help you digest and change the ecosystem of microbiota inside your body, but also hold their ground in maintaining good health. Placing AB probiotics which go well with LGG probiotics and the bacteria with the highest survival rate (called Lactobacillus plantarum) inside your body, helps to regulate physical function fundamentally.

Veggie and Fruit Enzyme Extract Complex

Consume a variety of nutrition each day (sugar, protein, fat) to digest and defecate easily. It’s crucial to maintain good health. By taking all kinds of digestive enzymes from fruits and vegetable extracts, it helps you release pressure from eating disorders. While it can boost your metabolism, it also helps you digest to get enough nutrition you need so as to maintain a stronger body with plenty of supplements.

Probiotics + prebiotics (Oligosaccharides)

Prebiotics are ingredients which are hard to digest, yet probiotics do play an important role in your digestion system. Our product can help you successfully consume probiotics and effectively change the ecosystem of microbiota inside your body. However, it takes good bacteria to activate the body function for enough nutrition. “Probiotics” go well with “prebiotics” when it comes to making a formula for people to defecate easily. In this way, it can effectively enable a perfect balance of microbiota inside your body so that you can maintain good health and regulate your physical condition.

Daily Values: Calories 2000 kcal, protein 60g, fat 60g, saturated fat 18g, carbohydrate 300g, sodium 2000mg. “*: Reference value is left undecided.” “Please refer to the instructions shown on the package if you’re looking for nutrition facts.”

Nutrition Facts

Main Ingredients

  • Lactic acid bacteria powder
    (Bifidobacterium bifidum、Bifidobacterium longum、Lactobacillus acidophilus、Lactobacillus plantarum、Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG、Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis、Lactobacillus reuteri、Bacillus coagulans))
  • Veggie & Fruits Extract Complex
    (pineapple extract, wheat extract, fiber digestive enzyme, Carica papaya extract)
    (pineapple enzyme, fat digestive enzyme, fiber hydrolysis enzyme, papain, diastatic enzyme)
  • Oligosaccharides
  • Magnesium oxide

Dosage Instructions

Take 1 packet each day following the instructions given by professionals.
Please drink lots of water (at least 200~300ml) after taking the packet. It helps to defecate and increase your metabolism.

Content Volume

120g (4g x 30 pcs)


  • For those who are allergic to the ingredients of this product, please do not consume it
  • If you are physically vulnerable to specific ingredients, or have special needs, or are taking medication, please consult with a medical professional first before consuming this product
  • The product contains lactose (milk and dairy products), and is not suitable for those who are allergic to lactose

Product Q&A

Q: Why do people suffer from constipation?

Modern people eat a lot of refined food, and consume more meat and starches than vegetables and fruits. Most of them do not consume enough fiber from fruits or vegetables, and can easily have digestive problems, or constipation issues, or have gut and stomach aches.
According to the results collected from the “survey of the age of the human gut in Taiwan” issued by the John Tung Foundation in 2015, over 50% of young adults have suffered from constipation. Obviously, it’s become a universal problem. If the constipation issue still occurs for a while, the bad bacteria will increase inside your gut, which can let in harmful substances and weaken the immune system. What’s worse, it can cause obesity.
If you want to take care of your gut and stomach and stay healthy, you can consume probiotics and digestive enzymes. These are the 2 main nutrients that can help you regulate your gut, avoid constipation, and defecate easily.

Q:How do I take the enyzme wisely?

Enzymes serve as the co-enzymes for chemical reactions to function well inside the human body. They can decompose organic macromolecules into smaller molecules as nutrient units. If the body lacks an enzyme, people will suffer from gut problems. Basically, enzymes can be found inside the human body and fresh fruits and vegetables, and the best way to consume enzymes is to eat fresh vegetables and fruits. The secondary option is to drink fresh juice made of vegetables and fruits without filtering the leaves or fruits. But remember not to drink a lot of juice at once so your blood sugar doesn’t rise drastically.
If you want to get rid of constipation and digest easily, drink more water and do some exercise while consuming a balanced diet with more vegetables and fruits. On top of that, you can consume fruits with natural fiber and enzymes to maintain a healthy condition in your gut. Papain and pineapple enzyme serve as the main ingredients to help you decompose protein. With sufficient supplements, it helps to relieve the burden of digesting enzymes in the human body, and avoid gut or stomach aches due to an overworked digestive system.
One thing to keep mind is that enzymes will only react at certain temperatures or pH value. If you wish to consume a powdered product that contains enzymes, please drink cold water after consuming it.

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