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Boost Your Metabolism and Regain Energy

Lycopene +13 patented SP-1 nutrients

Target Audience

  • It’s the only product that is manufactured worldwide, using a carrier protein extracted from whole food.
  • Lycopene +13 patented SP-1 nutrients helps to boost your metabolism, and urination easily.
  • The formula is exclusively designed for lacto vegetarians. Grape and blueberry flavors.

Manufacturing of Special Carrier Protein

  • It helps toimprove anti-oxidant function and minimize the chance of producing free radicals.
  • It helps to keep your reproductive system healthy.
  • Elements and nutrients do not exist separately in food found in nature. The molecules of the nutrients only exist in combinations of complex 3-dimentional forms.
  • It requires protein/peptides to form a certain combination of genes to constitute each nutrient. The substance will transport nutrients to different “specific structures” or cells.
  • These signals of protein are just like postal codes, each has a fixed address.

13 patented SP-1 nutrients

  • “13patented SP-1 nutrients” helps you deliver nutrients to each part of your body. It helps you capture all nutrients, regulate physical function, and give you a stronger body.
  • This product was awarded with certification endorsed by the R.N.P. International Research Center on Medical Nutrition of the UK and recommended by the Royal Society for Public Health.

Natural Lycopene

  • Lycopene is one of the most important nutrients to help you regain male function found so far. It belongs to the carotenoid class. The human body cannot produce lycopene, therefore we must obtain this nutrient from vegetables and fruits to maintain our health with enough nutritional supplements.
  • Natural lycopene can be extracted from fresh organic tomatoes imported from North America.

Daily Values: Calories 2000 kcal, protein 60g, fat 60g, saturated fat 18g, carbohydrate 300g, sodium 2000mg, vitamin A 700μg, vitamin C 100mg, vitamin E 13mg, selenium 55μg. “*: Reference value is left undecided.”

Nutrition Facts

Main Ingredients

  • Lycopene
  • 13 patented SP-1 nutrients extracted from whole food (vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, GSH, Beta Carotene, Folate, Selenium, Zinc, Cadmium, Magnesium, Boron)
  • Adding Vitamin D and plenty of other vitamins

Dosage Instructions

Take one packet each day before you sleep.

Content Volume

60g (2g*30 pcs)


  • None

Product Q&A

Q1:Why do men tend to pee frequently, especially at night after a certain age?

A1:As modern people change their way of eating and living, more and more men suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). As men age, the symptoms of going pee at night becomes more obvious, which can affect living quality. We don’t know much about the cause of why it happens to explain the enlarged prostate symptom so far. However, based on current studies, it may have something to do with men aging and the balance of male hormones changing.

Q2:What are the symptoms of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)?

A2:Basically, men aged from 30 to 40 can suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The enlargement develops slowly. Most men will have these obvious symptoms after the age of 45.
Some common symptoms of BPH include going pee regularly, or getting up to go pee at night more frequently. It hurts when urinating for the lack of strength, or it’s impossible to go pee all at once. It can become more difficult to pee. It takes more time to pee because one can’t finish it quickly or it takes a while to finish it…, and other symptoms like that.
If the above situation still exists, it can affect the living quality and no one should ignore its influence on their health.
In fact, it’s better to take care of the prostate as soon as possible with a balanced diet to get all the natural nutrition one may need, and do some exercise. It’s always better to avoid a high fat diet if one wishes to stay healthy.

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