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Lutein + anthocyanin + algae oil
High DHA is an absolute bargain

Patented Nano-capsules Comfort Formula

Lutein + zeaxanthin   A natural, perfect proportion
It goes well with the patented Nano-capsule made of lutein to prevent the entire active ingredient from being influenced by the gut environment or food.The product has acquired international certifications known as Kosher Halal ISO9001 HACCP GMP GRAS, and double patents issued by the United States.

Do you fit into the group below?

  • Care for your bright eyes:lutein+anthocyanin+algae oil DHA
  • Healthcare product made of a sufficient amount of lutein to satisfy the needs of healthcare with ease.
  • Designed for lacto vegetarians, this product can satisfy the needs of every consumer.
  • The grape yogurt flavor packet is easy to carry and it tastes good.

Patented Marigold Extract
(lutein + zeaxanthin)

Computer, communication, and consumer electronics products, normally known as 3C products in Taiwan, have been abused, and we surround ourselves with blue rays. Obviously, modern people need to get nutrients like lutein. The Marigold flower is the best source to extract lutein and zeaxanthin from so far. Both nutrients work together to ensure you get enough nutrients and stay healthy.

German Patented MaquiBright™ Maqui Berry (Chartered business No. 6265500)

The nutrient extracted from the naturally-bred Maqui Berry, which has a high anti-oxidant capability, is used to make the ingredients known as Anthocyanins & Delphinidins in a specific proportion. The product is manufactured in the German pharmaceutical company PIC/S GMP, and has obtained a patent for its procedure and applied for a patent regarding dry eyes syndrome. The result of this study has been shared and presented in one of the research articles regarding the human body and animals from an international journal.

Algae Oil DHA

OMEGA-3 is an essential fatty acid, and the DHA extracted from it is especially essential to the human body. This product is made by extracting the active DGA from the algae with advanced biochemical technology to help you improve digestion and eat it without burden. It also helps you consume lutein and other fat-soluble ingredients even better!

Selenium yeast + vitamin A, C, E

Vitamin A: It helps you maintain good eyesight in darkness;

Vitamin C: It helps to boost the formation of collagen;

Vitamin E: It helps to maintain complete cell membranes, and minimize the chances of producing free radicals.

It goes well with the micronutrient known as selenium, and serves as an invaluable part of the nutrient to stay healthy or regulate physical conditions.

Daily Values: Calories 2000 kcal, protein 60g, fat 60g, saturated fat 18g, carbohydrate 300g, sodium 2000mg, vitamin A 700μg, vitamin C 100mg, vitamin E 13mg, selenium 55μg. “*: Reference value is left undecided.”

Nutrition Facts

Main Ingredients

Marigold extract (free lutein, zeaxanthin), Maqui berry extract, grape skin extract (anthocyanin), algae extract (DHA), wolfberry extract (wolfberry polysaccharide), vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium yeast

Dosage Instructions

Take 1 packet each day following the instructions given by professionals.
Open the package and eat it directly or with juice or milk.

Content Volume

60g (2g x 30 pcs)


  • For those who are allergic to the ingredients in this product, please do not consume it.
  • If you are physically vulnerable to specific ingredients, or have special needs, or are taking medication, please consult with a medical professional first before consuming this product.
  • The product contains lactose (milk and dairy products), and is not suitable for those who are allergic to lactose.

Product Q&A

Q: How do I pick the product that suits me since there are tons of products made of lutein available for sale?

In fact, you can start from the basic type of lutein, and then you can easily find what you want. We normally recommended that you can consume at least 6 to 12 mg of lutein per day. However, when you choose the type of lutein, you should not focus on its effects on the human body only. That’s because there are two types of lutein, lutein in ester form and free form. The previous is more of a traditional type, while the latter is the new generation type of dosage, which can improve the disadvantages of its previous products.

Since the fatty acid in the free lutein has been removed using hydrolysis technology, the molecular weight has been drastically minimized to a certain amount. Let’s say it’s almost half of the amount shared by the ester lutein. You don’t have to wait for it to go through the digestive system to consume the nutrients. Instead, the capsule can be digested when it’s transported to the small intestine, and transformed into the nutrients the human body will need. Therefore, free lutein is more digestible.

Q: Can my child take lutein?

Lutein constitutes the main elements of your Macula inside the eye ball, and can minimize the chance of direct exposure to blue rays.

The computer, communication, and consumer electronics products, normally known as 3C products in Taiwan, produce the strongest blue rays that will do harm to the eyes. More young adults in Taiwan now suffer from glaucoma and cataracts simply because of the damages caused by blue rays. Plus, more children are near-sighted today. For those who are near-sighted or kids using mydriatic agents currently, they can consume a supplement made of lutein to help improve the immune system and protect the macula against blue rays.

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