VIGOWAY Original Series

Spanish concentrated Jujube Essence
Highly efficient nourishment for physical strength

✓High absorption of Ferrochel
✓Vitamins B Complex
✓One bottle per day to nourish the strength of the body and keep a youthful and beautiful appearance.

  • Well-known research on nutrition journals shows that the absorption rate of ferrochel is 4 times higher than that of ferrous sulfate (1)
  • Other studies have also shown that the absorption rate of such chelates is 5.3 times higher than that of ferrous sulfate (2)
  • Patented technology produces small and stable molecules of ferrochel. Two glycines are like bodyguards that protect iron ions and avoid separation in the stomach as well as go completely through the digestive tract, for successful absorption.


1.Bovell-Benjamin AC et al. AmF Clin Nutr. 2000;71:1563-1569

2.Ashmead H. The absorption and metabolism of iron amino chelate. Arch Lat Am De Nutr 2001; 51: 13-20

  1. Promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis:
    The research literature shows that the jujube dries can make a smooth bowel movement and regulate physiological functions.
  2. The nutritional supplement of menopause:
    236 women who have 1-10 years amenorrhea and have a daily intake of 100 grams of jujube can maintain better calcium nutrition and health condition than eating apply dries (figure 1).
  3. There is a large amount of natural polyphenols-anthocyanins.
  4. Contains natural iron nutrition .
    (figure II)
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  • 2. Igwe EO, Charlton KE (2016) A Systematic Review on the Health Effects of Plums (Prunus domestica and Prunus salicina). Phytother Res 30: 701-73.

Produced by selected Spanish factories, that grow, harvest, extract and manufacture the product in a local area of Mediterranean climate. They have taken good care of the lands, which are certified by the European COSMOS Soil Association and claim a number of certifications for ensuring consumers with trusted quality assurance.
People in Caucasus Longevity Village call the big jujube as a magic fruit. Because scientific confirmation shows that Jujube is a super fruit and can be called a natural comprehensive vitamin that contains Vitamin C, riboflavin (B2), carotene (A), 36 kinds of trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, iron, and etc.) and a large number of cAMP substances.

Nutrition Facts

Main ingredients

Jujube Essence, Ferrochel, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Folic acid, Vitamin B12

Intake Instruction

One bottle per day


100 ml (10 ml x 10 bottles)



Product Q&A

Q1:Why do girls drink GOYONG TONIC?

A1:Women lose more iron than usual during their menstrual period! Therefore, after the end of the cycle, Drinking supplement is the best choice. High absorption of ferrochel is a health supplement designed for woman’s physique and makes you have the energetic fair face every day.

Q2:Can men drink the product? Is it suitable for children?

A2:GOYONG TONIC is suitable for everyone no matter men or women. Children can also rest assured to drink it, but for general male adults who do not have blood deficiency physique don’t need to drink it every day. It is more suitable for patients who need postoperative care or children in puberty.

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